Emeryville Home Sales – By Development

See the breakdown of 2015 Emeryville home sales by development/building. If you’d like to request specific data on a building not mentioned below, please email me at leo@leopeak.com and I’ll be […]

Emeryville 2015 Real Estate Market Summary

Emeryville real estate was thriving in 2015. Total home sales increased a whopping 49% ($95.7M in 2015 compared to $64.1M in 2014), the median sales price increased by 17% to […]

The Emeryville Greenway

One of my absolute favorite things about living in Emeryville is the Emeryville Greenway, a bicycle and pedestrian corridor that runs through Emeryville, from Oakland to Berkeley.  You can catch […]

The Impact of Home Staging

Home staging is almost a no-brainer nowadays. It’s difficult at first to think about shelling out the extra money to optimize the look, feel and utility of your home. But […]

The Evolution of the American Home

We came across this fun infographic by Self Storage, showing the evolution of new construction homes over a 20 year period. SelfStorage.com

Knowing When You’re Ready

I have to give it up to realtor.com.  They recently rebranded and launched a new marketing campaign featuring Elizabeth Banks, in what looks to be an effort to draw the […]