The Impact of Home Staging

Home staging is almost a no-brainer nowadays. It’s difficult at first to think about shelling out the extra money to optimize the look, feel and utility of your home. But the higher net impact of staging has proven itself over and over again.

Think about it. When you look at open homes, isn’t it much easier to visualize how you would use the space yourself when it’s already furnished? You usually feel better coming out of a house that has been staged, versus one that has not. That’s because the staging has created a visual that most of us can’t conjure up on our own. It’s comfortable, cozy and especially staged to highlight the best features of the home. You want every buyer to walk through your house and get those feelings. They usually won’t get it walking out of a vacant house.

Check out the infographic below, which shows the top reasons a buyers decision is impacted by a staged home and which rooms are most important for staging:


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